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Greenprint - the responsible choice

Print that doesn’t cost the Earth…   


Greenprint offers companies a unique way to match their print buying needs with their corporate environmental commitments, without compromising either function.

Some progressive print buyers will already have found print suppliers with good environmental credentials, but unless they have the time and the resources to locate the right printers for all their product needs, they will be paying a hefty premium for “going green”.

A B3 format litho printer can never compete with a web offset printer on long-run work, and what about digital, screen, B2, B1, reel-to-sheet and all the other print formats?  Where can busy print buyers find such a wide range of suppliers who meet their CSR agenda?

The solution is simple – Greenprint Consultancy can manage just about any print job, from business forms to short-to-medium run leaflets, booklets and brochures, right up to high volume catalogue production – all from environmentally responsible sources, using sustainable or recycled materials.

Our product quality is first-class.  Our service is second to none.  Our prices are always competitive and can often be no more expensive than buying from unsustainable, non-accredited sources.

So don’t compromise by using printers who don’t care for the environment, or print management companies which can’t guarantee that everything they place will be sustainable.  Ask Greenprint!

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