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October 20

Greenprint has been shortlisted for the Solutions Awards "Best of the Best" in the Environmental category.

We won in 2018 with our entry for River of Flowers and this has been selected as a finalist for the ultimate award.  Our entry was based on the environmental care and attention shown during the development and production of printed collaterals for the Chelsea Flower Show.

Greenprint has worked with Kathryn Lwin from River of Flowers over many years, supplying products such as seed envelopes for wildflower seeds to be planted in urban environments, creating pathways for bees and other pollinators to thrive in cities around the UK. Kathryn approached Greenprint to say that she was designing a Honeycomb Meadow Bee Garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in collaboration with
Urban Bees UK to promote awareness of the vital importance of wildflower planting to support bee populations.

The final specifications were agreed and Urban Bees commissioned a range of eight different A6 postcards (40,000 cards in total) which were litho printed using vegetable based inks on a PEFC certified uncoated card. They also ordered 1,000 natural cotton tote bags, screen printed in three colours.

River of Flowers ordered 5,000 copies of an eight panel concertina leaflet, die cut with a hexagonal aperture on the front panel in keeping with the honeycomb design of the show garden. This leaflet was designed in collaboration with Greenprint, which advised the client on the optimum page size and number of panels to minimise waste. It was litho printed using vegetable based inks on FSC certified smooth uncoated.


Each product was designed and produced with the environment in mind, managed through Greenprint’s ISO14001 environmental management systems – as this was such an ethical and sustainable project.

Kathryn Lwin was delighted with everything that Greenprint did. The printed giveaways were a great success and River of Flowers won a Silver medal, which was an amazing achievement for its first appearance at Chelsea! The client said: ‘River of Flowers has had a long and happy association with Greenprint Consultancy who share our views about minimising effects on the environment.’

TO VOTE please visit and click on the link by selecting the ENVIRONMENTAL category on the list shown to find and vote for our entry.  When you click on the VOTE button an email will open and you just need to click ‘Send’.  Thank you!

Solutions Awards Montage.png
February 20

It has been a busy start to 2020 for Greenprint. In January we have supplied a wide range of products to our lovely customers - labels, printed cartons and boxes, promotional pens, beermats, gel badges, roller banners - in addition to our usual everyday printed products such as brochures, booklets, flyers, leaflets, posters and stationery.

It looks as though March will be an exceptionally busy month for us as we have a number of high volume orders in the pipeline, mostly from long-standing clients who trust Greenprint to manage their print requirements with the greatest care and attention to detail. Our customer retention rates are exceptionally strong as a result of the hard work we put in every day to give our clients the highest service levels and a consistently reliable product quality. We often receive new business referrals from satisfied clients which is the most rewarding feeling, as a personal recommendation is a reflection of the fact that we have got it right! Customer satisfaction really matters to us and we will always look to go the extra mile to make it happen.

With so many printers now focusing on online sales through faceless web portals, we believe that good old-fashioned customer service is still the way forward. Of course, we have to ensure that our prices are competitive and our product quality is first-class, but combining the knowledge of an experienced print professional with award-winning customer service gives Greenprint's customers the best of both worlds.

So thank you to all of our loyal customers who have supported us since we started up our print management service in 2004 and welcome to those who have joined us along the way. We really value every order, large or small, simple or complex. We look forward to working with you all and hope to welcome more new clients who are looking for environmentally responsible printing supplied by people who really care about meeting their needs. For a fast, no-obligation quote please either give us a call or send us your details via our contact form.

December 19

Greenprint has supplied a range of printed products for Nash Oils to promote the launch of their new Aroma Therapy Shed online subscription service. The site has gone live in December 19 and offers customers a duo of seasonal Hand & Body Wash and Lotion delivered to their door every month. But best of all, their products are all refillable, which means less packaging, and no more single-use plastic. Refills are supplied in aluminium flasks which can be reused or easily recycled just like fizzy drinks cans.

Founder Emma Nash has developed her business model around ethical and sustainable products and packaging, so when she asked designer Charlie Lester to recommend a like-minded print supplier she had no hesitation in recommending Greenprint. Charlie created eye-catching designs for leaflets, cards and a monthly product insert and we managed the printing and assisted in the choice of materials. Revive 100 recycled card was chosen for all products and print production was managed through Greenprint's environmental management systems to ensure that every product was sustainably produced.

We wish Emma the very best with this exciting new venture. Visit to find out more.

November 19

It has been extremely busy here at Greenprint over the past few months. Autumn is usually the strongest quarter for printers as clients order brochures, catalogues, price lists, leaflets and merchandising for their Christmas and New Year promotions. Digital printing has now come of age, with near litho-quality printing combined with low set up cost and ultra-fast turnround times offering increased flexibility to promote products and services 'on the fly', using the power of print to enhance campaigns and offers in this crucial sales quarter. With the added benefit of personalisation to target individual customers, digital printing can be the perfect solution for short-run, high quality printed products.

The beauty of using an experienced print management company such as Greenprint is that we have multiple suppliers in every printing format and the expertise to source the right product at the right price based on the client's needs and expectations. Add to this the personal service and the attention to detail we bring to every order and it's easy to see why our customers come back time after time. Our environmental guarantee is the icing on the cake, enabling clients to buy their printed products from one supplier in the certain knowledge that every item will be carefully managed through our environmental management systems. Greenprint has been a pioneer in environmentally managed printing services since 2007, long before the 'Blue Planet' effect. Making the right choice for the planet is ingrained in our thinking and in our actions, making it simple for everyone looking to buy their printing in a responsible way.

Why not give Greenprint a try? We offer free and fast quotes, friendly advice and competitive rates. What's not to like?

July 19

Greenprint has recently printed a 24 page A5 activity booklet for London Stansted Airport containing the winning entries from a primary schools competition to mark World Book Day, along with fun games to engage young travellers.


We submitted costings and samples on several different material options and the client chose a smooth PEFC uncoated paper which was ideally suited to word searches and colouring-in pages but also retained a high level of colour to create a vibrant, colourful booklet.  London Stansted wanted to ensure that the environmental impact of the printing and materials were kept to a minimum and chose Greenprint to deliver a product with strong environmental credentials.


Greenprint ensure that the environmental impact of every order is carefully considered as part of their ISO14001 environmental certification which they have held since 2007.  The printing was carried out on highly energy-efficient presses which minimise start-up waste and reduce energy consumption.  The inks are vegetable-based and use no hydrocarbons, making the paper easier to de-ink when it is recycled.  The paper is PEFC certified which ensures that it comes from sustainable forests and meets strict environmental standards.  Using certified papers supports the growth of managed forests and has helped to increase the area of European forests by an area the size of Switzerland in just 10 years.  All process waste involved in production is recycled.  Even the carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of the printing press have been offset.


Although the environmental credentials of the booklet are very important, the product also had to look appealing and reflect the quality of the London Stansted brand.  So we commissioned design partner RD3 Creative to work their magic and bring together the short stories, poems and drawings along with various activity pages into a cohesive, vibrant design.  The result is a visually appealing booklet with a strong use of colour and a clean, easy-to-read format.


Alex Smith, Education Centre Co-Ordinator for Stansted Airport commented “I’m bowled over, they look amazing!  I took one straight to my director and he was so impressed with the quality of the paper and the printing, particularly the level of detail on the images.  Thank you so much for all of your help with this, it has turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined.”













Click here for the official London Stansted press release:


For more information contact Greenprint on 01206 308125 or email


February 2019

Greenprint has recently produced a stunning ring binder for prestigious perfume house Kilian. Working from beautiful artworks supplied by freelance designer Charlie Lester, we carefully managed every stage of production to ensure that the end product did justice to the dramatic design. The printing required deep, solid blacks and pin-sharp halftones whilst the luxury ring binder was enhanced by the use of a soft-touch covering which was gold foil blocked. The order was completed in under 2 weeks and shipped to Paris to be used to help train boutique agents in the Kilian brand philosophy.

Kilian Montage.png

November 2018

Greenprint has won the Solutions for the Environment Award 2018! Thank you to all of our customers, suppliers and friends for voting for us.

The award was presented at the prestigious Solutions Awards ceremony at the Café de Paris in London's Leicester Square. Managing Director Steve Wicks received the award in recognition of Greenprint's environmental ethos in managing printed collaterals for the Chelsea Flower Show on behalf of their clients River of Flowers and Urban Bees.


This is the fourth major industry award won by Greenprint since 2008 and reflects the company's commitment to sustainable printing, in addition to being a finalist in the Customer Service category of the Solutions Awards in 2016.


The Awards organisers are Earth Island Publishing who love to do things differently. The ceremony's theme was Middle Earth/Fantasy and the trophies were amazing scale helmets from suits of armour, with every trophy being a unique replica of a different helmet. Here is our fabulous trophy:






















Our entry was based on the environmental care and attention shown during the development and production of printed collaterals for the Chelsea Flower Show.

Greenprint has worked with Kathryn Lwin from River of Flowers over several years, supplying products such as seed envelopes for wildflower seeds to be planted in urban environments, creating pathways for bees and other pollinators to thrive in cities around the UK. Kathryn approached Greenprint to say that she was designing a Honeycomb Meadow Bee Garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in collaboration with
Urban Bees UK to promote awareness of the vital importance of wildflower planting to support bee populations.

The final specifications were agreed and Urban Bees commissioned a range of eight different A6 postcards (40,000 cards in total) which were litho printed using vegetable based inks on a PEFC certified uncoated card. They also ordered 1,000 natural cotton tote bags, screen printed in three colours.

River of Flowers ordered 5,000 copies of an eight panel concertina leaflet, die cut with a hexagonal aperture on the front panel in keeping with the honeycomb design of the show garden. This leaflet was designed in collaboration with Greenprint, which advised the client on the optimum page size and number of panels to minimise waste. It was litho printed using vegetable based inks on FSC certified smooth uncoated.


Each product was designed and produced with the environment in mind, managed through Greenprint’s ISO14001 environmental management systems – as this was such an ethical and sustainable project.

Kathryn Lwin was delighted with everything that Greenprint did. The printed giveaways were a great success and River of Flowers won a Silver medal, which was an amazing achievement for its first appearance at Chelsea! The client said: ‘River of Flowers has had a long and happy association with Greenprint Consultancy who share our views about minimising effects on the environment.’

Solutions Awards Montage.png

August 2018

Two Sides, the organisation which promotes the benefits of print and paper, has just published three useful Fact Sheets which highlight the fact that paper is a sustainable resource which, when coupled with environmentally managed printing, can be a far more effective and environmentally responsible choice than using e-media.

You can download these via the following link:

June 2018

Congratulations to our wonderful client River of Flowers for winning Silver at their first Chelsea Flower Show. The picture shows an 8 panel concertina leaflet with a honeycomb die cut, part of a range of promo print supplied by Greenprint.

The leaflet was designed with the environment in mind, perfectly sized to maximise the print area whilst minimising paper waste. It was printed on a 170gsm FSC certified uncoated paper using vegetable based inks.

February 2018

We have been busy working on a new look website with the most up-to-date resources available.  Like many businesses who used the Microsoft 365 web hosting service, we have had to move to a new provider as Microsoft withdrew this service.  But this has created the opportunity to revisit our public face and to ensure that all of the resources and links used are accurate and relevant.


We hope that you like our new site!  There is something for everyone interested in printing or graphic design, or even members of the public concerned about the environmental impact of the printing and paper industries.  Click through the menu on the left and you will find news, guides, facts and figures to show that printing can be environmentally responsible when properly managed, as well as being the most trusted and effective form of the written word, outperforming e-media due to print's unique tactile, tangible, accessible nature.

December 2017

We are delighted to report that our ISO14001 Environmental Management System has been approved to the new 2015 standard by United Registrar of Systems.  Our new certificate has been uploaded to the website and we are all set for another year of environmentally responsible printing in 2018.

We would like to wish all of our customers and supply partners a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

November 2017

Greenprint is in the process of updating our ISO14001 Environmental Management System to the latest 2015 standard.  The new standard replaces the 2004 version and places greater emphasis on senior management input, risk assessment and proactive identification of areas where the company can improve its environmental performance, its processes and the overall effectiveness of the system.

We have been busy bringing our system in line with ISO14001:2015 over recent months and our external audit is scheduled for 13th December.  We believe that companies who hold ISO14001 certification lead the way in the printing industry as the standard helps them to identify savings through waste reduction, increased energy efficiency and optimisation of production.  This is why we chose to implement the standard from day one at Greenprint and why we always seek to use suppliers with ISO14001 certification.

The new standard gives our customers peace of mind that Greenprint meets or exceeds their own CSR and environmental policies and demonstrates our commitment to reducing our environmental impacts. 

June 2017

Greenprint's Steve & Jackie Wicks visited International Paper's mill in Saillat, France to see first-hand how this fully integrated mill is at the forefront of environmentally responsible papermaking.  It was a fascinating insight into how well managed forestry coupled with leading-edge papermaking processes enables International Paper to reduce energy and chemical use.  We saw how the chemical liquor used to break down the paper fibres is converted back from the black liquor which is left after treating the pulp is converted to green liquor which is then used at the start of the treatment process, using energy derived from heat exchangers to re-use the energy used in the papermaking process.  Only 3% of the chemicals used in the mill are new, with 97% being re-used or recycled.  All water used is treated on site and discharged into their own reservoirs to be re-used. The mill holds FSC, PEFC and ISO14001 environmental certification.

Seeing the way the Saillat mill runs reinforces the fact that paper from well managed sources is environmentally responsible and completely negates the myth that paper 'kills trees' - in fact, more tress are planted and more oxygen is generated through the growth of saplings and young trees than if a forest was left untouched, so good forestry management to supply the papermaking industry actually INCREASES the number of trees and reduces global warming.  Papers do not have to be recycled to be sustainable - a message which Greenprint has been promoting for the past 10 years - and choosing virgin papers with either FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification, which we always use for our clients' projects, is environmentally responsible and also provides the paper recycling industry with their raw materials.


So next time you see an email footer asking you not to print it in order to save a tree, or a request from a service provider for you to go paperless for environmental reasons, bear in mind that well managed industrial printing using certified papers can actually have less environmental impact than the energy used by the servers which deliver the email or manage the website in the first place!

February 2017

Greenprint's label printing services have continued to grow as more clients take advantage of our expertise in sourcing the right label for their needs at very competitive rates.

Automotive chemical labels are still at the core of our label sector sales, but we have supplied labels for the charity sector, the food and drinks industry, promotional retail, the events industry and the security sector.

We supply every style of label including tactile labels, window stickers, metallic, holographic, vehicle stickers, refrigerated labels, tamper evident, fluorescent, kiss-cut sheets - you name it, we can supply it.

Of course we still offer a complete range of commercial printed products as well, but label printing has been a major growth area for Greenprint and we would love to discuss your label printing needs with you.  Fast, no-obligation quotes, friendly service and sustainable production - so why not call us on 01206 308125 or send us your enquiry using the 'Contact us' form and we will get back to you within one working day.  That's the Greenprint way!

November 2016

It has been a while since we updated our news section and much has happened since the summer. Our solar panel installation has just reached its 5 year anniversary and it has recovered 90% of the installation costs. We have generated 27,213 kWh and saved 11.2 tonnes of CO2 since November 2011.

Our mix of sales orders continues to grow, with eclectic printed products such as custom printed toilet rolls, gel badges, impregnated seed cards, tactile labels and custom gift boxes added to our portfolio in recent months.  We love the buzz of sourcing new products for clients alongside the challenge of producing them in an environmentally responsible way.

We would love to hear from anyone looking for a progressive printing company to help them to turn an interesting project into a working product. Printing is such a surprising medium - despite all of our years of experience in the trade, we are constantly amazed at the myriad of products that involve print and relish the opportunity to work with clients to develop new and exciting products.

But of course we still love the beautiful simplicity of a well-printed conventional brochure, letterhead, label or magazine - in fact, we just love print!

June 2016

What an exciting time to be involved in printing! We have just returned from the Drupa 2016 exhibition in Düsseldorf and have seen some amazing new technologies which look set to change the printing industry and shift the cost dynamics on medium size print runs away from litho towards digital presses. We were lucky enough to see the visionary Benny Landa talk about his nano-ink technology and to see the first demonstration of a B1 digital press printing at 13,000 sheets per hour at incredibly high resolution.

We are also seeing the integration of more traditional technologies with digital print heads, such as 2D barcodes being printed on every litho sheet which enable any sheets with print defects to be identified and removed.

Printing is still the most cost-effective advertising medium and with even more opportunities for personalised, targeted marketing we are seeing a resurgence in marketeers choosing printing as their preferred medium, moving back from the rush to online when they realise that printing generates higher sales per £ spend than any electronic media.

With the amazing developments which we saw being rolled out at Drupa, we believe that the printing sector will be undergoing significant changes in the next few years. If you would like to ensure that your printed products are being managed by a progressive company with one eye on the future, contact Greenprint by using our online enquiry form or call us on 01206 308125.

April 2016

Steve Wicks of Greenprint will be speaking at the prestigious drupa print trade show in Düsseldorf on 4th June 2016. Steve's topic will be "Choose Sustainability - while you still can", addressing the impact of the COP21 Paris Agreement in terms of future legislation and the changing perception of environmental performance in business. The event will take place at 2.30pm in the Cube at Messe Düsseldorf.

Steve is delighted to have been asked to speak at this world-renowned event and to share his views on the importance of sustainability and the benefits of an ethical, environmentally-responsible approach to business. Follow the link below for more details:,lang,2/oid,34128/event_id,15/~/Web-EventsDatasheet/events_datasheet



February 2016

Another exciting month at Greenprint.  Director Steve Wicks received the inaugural 'Green Principles' award for outstanding environmental personality in the graphic arts.  This award is the first to be given as part of the Green Printciples industry initiative run by Earth Island Publishing.  A beautiful English Oak hand-carved plaque was presented to Steve following the latest round-table meeting of environmentally-minded industry figures in London on 16th February.  Presenting the award, Susan Wright, Editorial director and publisher at Earth Island, described Steve as a  "founding father of environmental printing".  Here is the award, currently awaiting the brass plaque:


Steve has also been booked to speak about sustainability in business at the upcoming drupa printing trade show in Düsseldorf on 4th June 2016.  Drupa is one of the world's biggest trade shows for the printing industry, taking place every 4 years so being asked to speak on behalf of Greenprint is a great honour.  There will be more news posted here as the event draws nearer. 












January 2016

Where did 2015 go I hear you ask? Our New Year kicked off with a rush job requested late on 31st December, with one of our design agency clients needing an A3 poster proof run out on the first day back (Monday 4th Jan) and delivered by 4pm to a North London address for a photoshoot.  They wouldn't be able to confirm whether the job was required until Sunday and the artwork wouldn't be ready until then so effectively the lead time was just a few hours on the Monday.  We managed to deliver at 1pm and as a result the customer was delighted and we picked up an order for 2 x A2 and 1 x A3 posters directly from a very prestigious end-client.

This is a great example of how a can-do attitude can help to keep existing customers happy and help to win new ones. At Greenprint, we always go the extra mile to give the customer what they need.  We're the environmentally responsible print management company that likes to say "Yes!" 

September 2015

Did you know that Greenprint can offer Eco Statements to be printed on your publications to show readers that your company cares about the environment? By placing your printing with Greenprint you know that you are making an environmentally responsible choice as we manage all print production and materials through our ISO14001 environmental systems. But do your customers and stakeholders know?

An Eco Statement is a great way to raise your environmental profile and shout about the benefits of using eco papers and environmentally responsible print production methods. This might be a simple statement such as "This brochure has been printed using vegetable-based inks on paper from sustainable sources", or it can be a full-blown graphic showing the resource savings made if you decide to use a recycled paper. Here is one we made earlier.. 

We can also include FSC or PEFC logos and Eco Statements for non-recycled papers (we only use papers which are accredited to the FSC or PEFC forestry schemes).

Getting the message across that your company cares about the environment doesn't have to cost you a penny - just follow these simple steps:

         1. Choose Greenprint for all your printing requirements

         2. Ask us for an Eco Statement to suit your product which you can drop into your artwork

 Any questions? Just drop us a line or give us a call - Contact Us















August 2015

Greenprint have extended their range of label printing services following major growth in this sector in 2015. We have increased our sales of printed labels by 87% over the past 12 months, supplying bottle and jar labels, window stickers and decals and car stickers to a wide range of clients.

We have specialist label print suppliers who give us great rates for volume production which we can pass onto our customers, making Greenprint the perfect one-stop-shop for all your label printing requirements.

We can print on FSC label papers or on transparent or white polypropylene, with static cling, low tack peelable or high tack/permanent adhesive backings. Whether you need your labels supplied on rolls or in sheets, with or without kiss cut backings, single or double sided, we can offer you expert advice and a managed printing service at very competitive prices. Contact us today for a speedy quote and see for yourself how Greenprint can save you time and money.

May 2015

We have produced a striking set of wildflower seed packets for Manchester Art Gallery through our collaboration with River of Flowers, the London-based nonprofit eco social enterprise engaging the urban community in thinking and doing more about nature -

The packets of wildflower seeds will be given to cyclists taking part in the Manchester to London rally, to be sewn along their route 'along the 'Bee' roads' as the catchy slogan goes.

This is the latest in a series of packs which Greenprint has produced via River of Flowers and we have another project in the pipeline, sponsored by a major financial institution which we expect to be confirmed in the coming weeks.













March 2015

Happy Springtime everyone!

The long winter nights are coming to an end and we are looking forward to longer, warmer days to come, but we thought that we would have a little look back on the past couple of months and some of the more notable jobs which have come our way.

We supplied some drip mats for our client Paintseal Europe which we treated with their SmartGuard water-based fabric protector to demonstrate how effective it is at sealing the surface to protect against stains and spillages.  Water dropped onto the treated side beads and sits on the surface, whereas it sinks in and discolours the beermat board on the untreated side, as the picture below shows: 




We produced a lovely series of postcards for client Ines Cole which they were delighted with.  These were printed using a brand new iGen digital press which produces superb near-litho quality prints, allowing us to deliver just 2 days after receiving the artwork.

Director Sarah Cole wrote "Thanks so much for the speedy turnaround with both the business cards and postcards.  The postcards are stunning... we love them"









And finally...

Lots of lovely trade work for printers and agencies which includes a large order of A3 landscape photobooks, charity T shirts, balloons and banners, labels, door decals, crashlock cartons, step-page brochures - the list goes on!

If you have a specialist print project and would like to benefit from Greenprint's expertise in sourcing and project managing, just get in touch and we will be happy to provide a fast, competitive proposal and quotation.

December 2014

Greenprint was proud to make the final 3 of the Print Solutions Awards last month but missed out on winning the Customer Services category by just 4% of the public vote.  Congratulations to winners Foilco.

December is looking to be a very busy month, following a record-breaking November.  We have several mailing campaigns which are being pushed through ahead of the postal rate increase on 5th January 2015.


We also have an exciting new project for one of our long-standing trade clients which has been keeping us very busy.  Alongside the usual mix of commercial, exhibition, packaging and periodical print jobs, 2014 is going out with a bang!

November 2104

Greenprint has made it to the FINAL 3 in the Print Solutions Awards!

We posted an earlier newsflash asking your help by voting for our entry to help us make cut for the final 3 and we have just been told that we have made it.  Thanks so much to everyone who has already voted for us.

The voting is still open and the winner will be determined by the total number of votes received by 11th November 2014.  If you haven't already voted, would you mind voting for our entry? Using the link below, scroll down to the 3rd category “Solutions for Customer Service” and click “Vote”. This will open up an email to the organisers, so just click “Send” and that’s it:

Each vote will be put into a free draw to win 2 tickets to the awards as our guests at Café de Paris, London on Tuesday 18 November, 2014 So thanks in advance for your support.

October 2014

It's been a while since we have updated our news page - it's been a very busy summer!

Greenprint has been involved in lots of exciting print projects.  Here are a few of the highlights:

River of Flowers

We have produced some very striking printed seed packets for River of Flowers, a conservation organisation which promotes the planting of wildflowers in urban environments.  This client commissioned bespoke seed packets for a special project run in conjunction with the Savoy London which required a high-class product to reflect the status of these prestige organisations.














Rebranding IPSE

Our long-standing client PCG (Professional Contractor's Group) commissioned Greenprint to be part of a major rebranding exercise.  This included a change of name to IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed), so all stationery, marketing and supporting literature needed to be replaced. 


Greenprint was involved in this confidential project at a very early stage and worked closely with the client to carefully specify each item to ensure optimum results using the new branding design and colourways.  The results were very well received and IPSE are now up and running with their new brand after a smooth transition which went like clockwork.

Customer Service Awards

Earth Island Publishing have launched their Solutions Awards this year and Greenprint have submitted our entry for outstanding customer service.  The entry is based around our efforts to supply and install large sail flags at the Natural History Museum on behalf of Universities UK, which required fast reactions and the highest levels of customer service in order to meet the client's requirements and ensure that the event was a success.


The awards will be judged later this year and we will find out at the awards ceremony in November at the Cafe de Paris in London whether we have been successful.  we'll keep you posted!

June 2014

Welcome to the June 2014 edition of our news page.  The big news is that we have an exciting new look to our web pages.  We hope that you like what you see!

We are nearing the end of an amazing financial year for Greenprint, with growth in all areas of our business.  Thanks to our lovely clients, amazing suppliers and a sprinkling of clever print management from us, we have seen an increase in general print production, Point of Sale, Exhibition materials and print-related consultancy.

In the past couple of months we have managed some really exciting projects, including a graphics installation at Universities UK, thanks to our client Forster Communications, along with a large sail flag installation at the Natural History Museum to promote Universities Week.  We received some terrific feedback, praising us for our efforts in "going the extra mile" to ensure that everything went smoothly.

We have printed beautiful cosmetics catalogues, a massive outdoor banner for the Chelsea Flower Show, GB car stickers, beer mats - the list goes on and on....

If you have a print project which has you scratching your head wondering where you can go to find a one-stop solution then look no further - call Steve at Greenprint on 01206 308125.

March 2014

Steve Wicks of Greenprint will be giving a presentation at the prestigious IPEX 2014 print show at London's Excel Centre on 28th March 2014.  The theme will be "Why print buyers want green suppliers" and will cover the following key issues:

- Why 'going green' has taken a back seat for too long

- How the improving economic climate will bring green issues back onto print buyers' agendas

- Why Corporate Social Responsibility matters in business

- How printers can maximise their return on investing in environmental systems

- The importance of buying into environmental responsibility 

Steve will also be taking part in a panel discussion following his main presentation on the subject of "What's sustainability got to do with it?"

Timings: main presentation 12 noon, panel discussion 13.00 

January 2014

We thought that it would be good to kick off the New Year with a good news story about reducing environmental impact and saving loads of money!

Our client PCG, a membership organisation which represents 20,000 Freelancers in the UK, mails out voting packs twice a year to their members.

In discussions with Greenprint, the option of reducing the size of the pack from C4 (A4 covering letter, voting form and DL Business Reply envelope) was put forward.  When PCG saw that they could save nearly £5,000 on production and postage costs, they were delighted and a new C5 format was created.

A 4 page A5 was designed with a covering letter and formal notice on pages 1 and 2, with pages 3 and 4 being the voting form and notes which detached via a micro-perforation down the spine.  The personalised 4 page A5 was inserted along with a DL Reply Envelope into a C5 portrait window envelope to create a smart, efficient and very cost-effective mailing pack.  Since the pack fell into the small letter postal rate instead of the large letter rate as per the previous C4 version, the postal costs plummeted.

There was also a major reduction in the environmental footprint of the mailing with a net reduction in the mailing weight of 44%, saving over 300kg of raw materials and subsequent handling.

This is a great example of how Greenprint can help businesses to reduce their environmental impact whilst saving them money in the process.  If you have a mailing which could benefit from our knowledge and experience, call Steve on 01206 308125 to discuss the options.





















December 2013

It seems as though we all blinked and another year has passed by!

2013 saw a resurgence in customer confidence in the economy which was reflected in a significant increase in sales at Greenprint.  We also welcomed several new customers, managed some exciting projects and continued our endless quest to learn more about our vibrant, exciting industry.

So here's to 2014!  We wish all of our clients, suppliers and friends in the printing industry a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


October 2013 

Greenprint has just completed an order for client PCG who represent approx. 20,000 Freelancers in the UK. PCG wanted a high-impact pack to distribute at two key events.  After a brainstorming session with Greenprint, the concept of a branded USB card in the shape of a credit card was discussed and this idea was developed to include an A6 card holder to enhance the visual impact.

After some internal development, Greenprint presented PCG with a mock-up which they loved, so the order was agreed for two designs - one for each event.  The USB card was printed with the PCG logo on the face and a 'word cloud' of PCG's key attributes and beliefs on the reverse.  The card holder comprised a printed outer on 350gsm Silk, glued and wrapped over 2mm smooth Dutch greyboard which was precision die cut to hold the USB card.


PCG were delighted with the end result and are keen to develop the concept to replace their current membership pack with a 2-card version of the pack.

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration for a special project, or do you want to modernise and refresh your literature? Either way, just give Greenprint a call and we will try our hardest to help.

















July 2013

Greenprint has just completed an order for 20,000 Tester Cards for their brand marketing agency client Ultimotive.  This was the culmination of months of testing to find the right materials and application methods to produce a card which car dealers can use to demonstrate the water resistance of the Williams F1 Ceramic Coat car treatment programme.

The brief was to replace Ultimotive's old method of purchasing branded beermats which Greenprint supplied for them to apply the chemical by hand to one half of the beermat.  The treated half would resist water penetration so that water droplets would 'bead' and sit on the surface, whilst the droplets would immediately be absorbed into the untreated half causing discolouration and water spread.  The application of the chemical was a very labour intensive process, so the objective was to save the client money by reducing the format size of the card whilst taking away their time-consuming treatment process.

Working with the client's chemist, we trialled silkscreen application of the chemical but this involved making it into a thick liquid which resulted in the active ingredients being too diluted to work effectively, even after multiple applications.  So hand application was necessary, but the trick was to treat a complete printed sheet of 60 cards in one application which enabled 2,000 cards to be treated in one man hour.  This compared with the previous method which took several hours, spread over the course of a day to allow for the beermats to dry, in order to produce 500 cards.

By taking the application process away from the client, they are able to concentrate on selling more product and the smaller format and vastly more efficient application even resulted in a cost saving for the client, paying less for the new format treated cards than they used to pay for untreated beermats!  How's that for a win/win?

Take a look at the picture below to see how effective the product is at demonstrating the water resistance of the Ceramic Coat treatment.

If you have any print-related projects which could benefit from some creative ideas and practical knowledge of print and finishing techniques, why not give us a call? 

May 2013 

New this month, check out Greenprint's new Designer's Guide, with useful tips and examples of the potential pitfalls when designing for print.

Click here to read this section.

We adapted this section from a post on Digital Printing UK's LinkedIn site in which Steve Wicks of Greenprint blogged in response to the question "Do any printers out there have any thoughts on what they want from designers. Hints and tips to allow you to work better with them?"

We felt that designers would find Steve's advice useful so have made it a permanent section on our website.

So for any designer looking for a printer who really understands how to get the best results for your creatives, contact Steve at Greenprint for friendly advice and top-notch customer service.

April 2013

Greenprint News has something a little different this month.  We usually tell you about exciting new projects and products we have been involved with during the month, but this time we have some news of a different kind.

Greenprint are sponsoring the Around Britain sailing team who are circumnavigating the UK mainland in their 34 ft (11 metre) vessel named Banella.  The Greenprint logo can be seen on the bows as the crew plot their course around the British coastline.

Banella set sail from Brightlingsea Marina at 8am on Wednesday 27th March en route to their first port of Ramsgate in Kent.  The weather in late March 2012 was 20 degrees, fine and sunny but this year the conditions were more arctic than tropical.  The air temperature has been around zero, with a biting Easterly wind taking it down by a further 5-6 degrees.

Despite the conditions, the team have made good progress at time of writing (Tuesday 2nd April) and are currently docked at Cowes on the Isle of Wight for repairs following a fire caused by an electrical fault after departing from Brighton.  They are planning to set sail again soon and you can check their progress on the Marine Traffic site (click Here) and can read about their journey on their Facebook page - search for Around Britain.

The 3-man team comprises Boris Barrett, Owen Evans and Ryan Wicks, son of Greenprint MD Steve Wicks.

We wish them fair winds and calm seas and are looking forward to seeing them when they complete their voyage back at Brightlingsea around the end of May.


February 2013

Greenprint have supplied their client Ultimotive with some beautiful hand-crafted presentation boxes. Using Winter's Silktouch Nuba covering over 3mm Dutch greyboard, we crafted stunning boxes to showcase Ultimotive's products for their key clients. The construction of the box allows for the lid to drop away from the base but be self-supporting to display presentation materials in a compartment in the inner lid.

The platform was hand-cut to hold a range of bottles and cloths, then ruched with satin silver cloth. Silver foil blocking on the lid finished off these superb-looking boxes.

If you are looking to make a great impression, why not ask Greenprint to come up with some unique, high-impact promotional packaging for your brands?


December 12

Livewire Communications draw inspiration from tragedy




Livewire Communications is a consultancy based in Gerrards Cross offering clients copywriting, scientific and logistic project management, as well as live and web-based multimedia solutions.  They create bespoke teams of experts to deliver intelligent communication solutions for their customers that are scientifically accurate, high quality, innovative and, importantly, completed on time.

Greenprint have worked with Livewire since 2009 on a wide range of printed projects and the first job that we printed for them was their Christmas Card.  Every year, Livewire develop exciting creative concepts to devise thought-provoking and visually appealing greetings cards for their clients.  In 2009, it was a quirky mistletoe card, punched and strung with a bespoke satin ribbon.  In 2010, they asked artist Naoko Miyazaki to produce a limited edition of beautiful handmade cut-out cards which Greenprint overprinted.  Tragically, Naoko was killed in a cycling accident in 2011 aged 35.

Lucille Weinberger, owner and CEO of Livewire, decided to commission this year’s card to commemorate Naoko’s tragic death.  Working with Victoria Johnstone, one of Livewire’s freelance designers, they developed a poignant and very personal card using the theme of origami paper cranes.  Two weeks before her accident, Naoko was making such cranes for the victims of the March 2010 Japanese tsunami.  According to Japanese legend, anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes (senbazuru) will have their heart’s desire come true.  Today, strings of 1,000 cranes represent a symbol of healing and hope during challenging times and have become an international symbol of peace.

So Livewire commissioned a Japanese lady living in America to hand-fold thousands of cranes and send them to their offices, where they were strung onto a Cardinal Red satin ribbon, printed in gold block foil with Livewire’s logo, along with a red and gold printed tag.  The ribbon was then wrapped around an A6 red and gold printed card explaining the significance of the cranes and wishing clients a happy Christmas. Greenprint supplied the printed ribbon, tags and cards.  The tags and cards were printed on a 400gsm “Perfect Image” supersmooth card, which was a challenging substrate due the uncoated surface, set against the need for a smooth, solid red and a metallic gold ink which needed to have a sheen, without any garish shine.

The job was printed at one of Greenprint’s local printers so that the print could be checked on press to ensure that the optimum result was achieved.  The whole project was managed under Greenprint’s ISO14001 environmental management systems, ensuring that the card was FSC approved and the printing processes were environmentally responsible.  The production was also carbon balanced at no extra cost. The result is a poignant homage to Naoko Miyazaki, as well as being a stunning piece of print.

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